When you need new tyres in Petersfield don’t delay! Your tyres play a critical role in safety and fuel efficiency. You should know a couple of things about tyres:

* The tread helps the car to move on wet ground by giving the tyre a grip to the road.

* The contact patch is the part of the wheel that is in contact with the ground. It facilitates acceleration, cornering, braking, and steering.

A tyre is said to be worn out when the tread wear indicator bars are shaped into tread grooves around the tyre at regular intervals. It is almost impossible to estimate the lifespan of a tyre, but you can look at the climate, maintenance service on the tyre, design of tyre, and the driver’s driving habits. To be on the safe side;

* Make sure your tyres are inspected once per year and be ready to replace after five years.

* If the tyres remain in good condition for ten years without replacing, do not use them anymore: Replace them immediately even if they seem to be in perfect shape.

* To increase the life of your tyres, ensure proper tyre pressure, align your car, and take care of the tread wear.

* The date of manufacturing of the tyres is written on the sidewall.

Tyres are damaged by physical conditions such as wear and tear and age. Potholes, sharp objects, obstacles, speed bumps and curbs further damage tyres. Other factors that damage tyres are climatic conditions, improper driving habits, and lack of tyre maintenance. Visit here for more information.

Without tyres, the vehicle cannot move and if they are not in good condition, you and your passengers are at risk. Replacing tyres regularly is just normal maintenance on any vehicle. It is always best to take the initiative and have your tyres inspected before there is a problem! Portsmouth Exhaust and Tyre Services can help!