Looking to Update the Look of Your Home?

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Home Improvement

Curtains can be a great way to update the look of your home for cheap. Updating your curtains can change the way your home feels and looks. By changing out your old curtains for new ones, you can express your personality and much more!

Here are a few solutions, and questions, on how to decide on your new window treatments:

* Express Yourself. Your window treatments, aka curtains or drapes, can directly reflect your personality. Are you presenting a tired and dated look through your curtains? Update them to reflect your personality by changing them out for newer, trendier, curtains!

* Aren’t They Expensive? Most of the time, when someone has old or outdated window treatments, it is because they believe they cost too much to replace. You can make some simple changes to the original curtains to help give an updated look:

* Remove a Layer. Help to give an updated look by removing a layer from your curtains and blinds. If you have valances, try removing them to give your curtains a lighter feel.

* New Curtains are an Investment. New curtains are a more reliable option than trying to experiment by changing your current curtains. They are a sound investment in your home, that you will appreciate as time goes on.

* Replace Hardware. Instead of completely replacing your curtains, try replacing the hardware that holds them. These can come in wood, iron, or faux finishes of both. This can be inexpensive and give an updated look to your curtains.

When updating your curtains, just a few fixes can help to give an updated look, with very little cost. By changing out your curtains, you can create an environment that you, and your friends, will love.

It Can Help Future Investments

If you are thinking about selling your home now, or sometime in the future, changing out your curtains for a more updated look can help to sell your home. When a potential buyer walks in, and they see outdated curtains, they feel as if the house will need to be updated in turn. If they were to walk in and see modern, updated, window treatments, they are more likely to think that there is less updating that will be need done to the home. Unappealing window treatments do little to create a positive impression of your home. New window treatments are an investment that will keep on giving.

Ready to Start Looking?

If you are ready to start looking for window treatments to help update your home, don’t look far. If you are in the Bovey Tracy area, and are looking for curtains, check out Rochelle’s Curtains and Blinds, today! Browse the site for more information.

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