Learn the Basics About Double Glazing in Ascot for the Home or Business

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Home Improvement

Rising energy bills and draughts are two things you won’t want to have to deal with as a home or business owner. However, these common problems can arise unexpectedly, leaving the property owner out of pocket in most cases. Avoiding sky-high energy bills and preventing air or moisture leaks is as simple as replacing the windows, so why not get double glazing in Ascot fitted? Also known as secondary glazing, double glazing is a preferred upgrade because it will enhance home safety. Easy to install and approved for listed buildings, a double glazing project will offer a good return on investment. Read on to learn more.

Warmth and Insulation

Double glazed glass needs to be manufactured properly if it is to stop heat from escaping the home. This is why you should not rush the process of buying double glazing in Ascot. The most thermally efficient type of glass is Low-E glass, which is the abbreviation for low emissivity glass. A special coating is applied to this glass, allowing solar heat gain to pass through whilst stabilising the temperature indoors. In the summer months, the panes of glass block out heat, allowing you to enjoy a cool climate without the use of air conditioning.

Getting a Quote

A reputable installer will be happy to provide you with a quote, so don’t work with glaziers who refuse to tell you exactly how much the job will cost. Some things that will affect the price include the number of windows being glazed, what type of glass is chosen, whether the windows are being replaced or installed brand new, etc. Try not to pay anything until you have at least three quotes for double glazing in Ascot. Aim to find a local glazier and understand your requirements to avoid getting sucked in by sales pitches.

How to Buy

Don’t get ripped off for double glazing in Ascot – learn how to buy first! Companies that don’t have a landlines number might not be as well-established as those that do have a landline, so keep this in mind. Ask to view images of installations that have been completed recently and over the last few years. This will make it easy for you to assess workmanship quality. Don’t hesitate to ask questions either, because a trustworthy company will want to keep you well informed.

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