Learn How to Smoke Cigars Like a Pro

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Electronic Cigarettes

First time trying out cigars? Here are tips on how to choose and enjoy your first one:

Go for mild ones

Choose a mild cigar to get your started. Once you’ve gotten used to these, you can move on to full-flavored ones like King Edward Cigars. Sample a few singles first, though, so you’ll know which ones appeal to your taste. Since mild cigars are often cheaper by far than full-flavored ones, you can try as much as you want without worrying about the cost. Be sure to order your cigars from a reputable supplier.

Check it

Once you’ve decided for yourself which cigar to try out, gently squeeze it. Check for any hard or soft spots to determine if it’s a plugged and unsmokeable cigar. Be sure to inspect the wrapper for any cracks or discolorations as well.

Store them right

Don’t have a humidor yet? Don’t buy any more cigars until you do then. As much as possible, don’t take the cellophane packaging off, not unless you’re ready to smoke those cigars. Unprotected cigars can quickly dry out. An easy workaround is to keep them in a Tupperware or other similar air-tight container, says ThoughtCo.

Cut it

Before you light up, you’ll need to the clip the end of the cigar. A cigar clipper will do this nicely and a knife will do as well. Be sure to clip the end with a quick and strong motion. This will prevent tearing so you’ll end up with a better smoking experience.

Light it up

Cigarette lighters can work but experts say these change the flavor of the tobacco. If you’re finally ready for King Edward Cigars, the last thing you want to happen is to have your lighter change its flavor. Use a torch lighter since that seems the best option over matches and normal lighters.

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