Choosing the best pipe tobacco may seem like a daunting chore for the smoker who is just entering the world of pipe smoking. However, with some simple suggestions and a little time, you too can learn which kind of tobacco you enjoy most and where to buy your best possible smoke.

Understand the Language of the Tobacco Industry

Some words you may want to familiarize yourself with as you enter the world of pipe smoking may include:

  • English blend
  • American blend
  • Aromatic (Another blend type.)
  • Latakia (A type of cured or “spiced” tobacco)
  • Virginia (A tobacco type.)
  • Cavendish (A cutting process.)
  • Burley (Another tobacco type.)

With some time and experience, these terms will become familiar and helpful to you.

Develop Your Tastes Through Trial

There is no better way to find your favorites in any sort of variety is to sample several over time. A great way to do this with pipe tobacco is to invest in samplers. Longtime smokers may avoid these, but they are an excellent way for newer smokers to try out flavors and textures. It may also help you develop preferences for specific brands and more.

Keep Flavors Separated

It can be difficult to determine which flavors you enjoy when your various smokes are contaminated by the flavors of others. For this reason, it is important to keep your tobaccos separated. Smokers with much experience may choose to have a pipe for each flavor, but you can also just thoroughly clean your pipe between smoking sessions.

Know Where to Shop

Not all excellent smokes come from fragrant, dimly-lit shops. Tobacco Online is a leading online retailer of tobacco products. In this and many other modern tobacco merchants, we find a vast selection of pipe tobaccos and more with something for every smoker to enjoy. Which is your favorite? Regardless of which you choose, with these tips in mind you can be sure to enjoy your next pipe smoking experience.