Install Sturdy Steel Doors for an Added Element of Protection

by | Aug 22, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance, Industrial Goods and Services

If you are ready to install steel doors for your business, be sure to check with professionals in the industry that can make sure your doors fit, and that you are getting the type of steel door that is perfect for your establishment. Typically steel doors are used for warehouses, factory units, offices, social clubs and even shops. Steel doors are also perfect as acoustic doors, fire rated doors, and fire escape doors. When you start searching for steel doors in Colchester, keep in mind that the professionals are able to give you free estimates upon consultation. They are going to be able to suggest the steel doors that work well for your building and install them for the best fit too.

Strong and Sturdy Steel Doors

Part of what makes a steel door sturdy is the way they are made and designed to fit certain specifications. They are used as security doors for many industrial and commercial businesses and manufactured 1.2mm sheets of steel that are lock formed using a construction that is no-weld. The blades are filled with a core of honeycomb to give the doors added strength. Other in-fills include timber, mineral, sound reduction materials, or wool. Frames are also folded to offer different profiles like wrap around, single rebate, and double rebate. Part of what makes steel doors secure are their hinges. Dog bolt hinges made of stainless steel are perfect for steel doors, as well as frames and seals that should come as a standard part of all steel doors ready to be installed. In some cases a steel door needs to have a vision panel installed, or louvre panels. Steel doors can also be coloured to match any building with RAL and BA colour numbers. This is all possible when you give a reputable steel door company your specifics, let them measure the premise, and install your steel door order.

Doors for Security, Fire Escape, and Acoustics

A lot of steel door companies have a stock of steel doors ready to be used. This includes a range of security ironmongery. When you need a specific security door such as sets BS EN 1627, then you need to speak with the professionals to find out more about their certified ironmongery stock. A lot of times steel doors are used as fire escape doors. This type of steel door uses a different type of ironmongery for fire protection and comes in double and single doors. You can also request an external access fire escape door if you desire. If you need an acoustic door, there are plenty in which to choose that vary concerning the infill of the frames and doorblades. Higher acoustic levels require doorsets that use acoustic seals and four-sided door frames.

BIS Door Systems proudly serves many businesses that require steel doors in Colchester.

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