Toilets clogs are messy, unsightly and unfortunately, there is no a good time for a toilet to clog to happen. Since you cannot ignore blocked toilets in Bournemouth, you should try unclogging the toilet if the clog is not serious. How do you do it?

* First you need to look for rubber gloves for your hands. There are many germs in the toilets so you need to protect yourself from them.

* If you can see the obstacle blocking the toilet, remove it using your rubber gloves.

* If the obstacle is not visible and you decide to use a plunger, turn off the water using a valve placed under the toilet bowl.

* Cover the hole at the bottom of the toilet bowl with the plunger and make sure the plunger is immersed in water. Push the plunger down then pull it up several times to unclog the toilet.

* As a safety precaution, cover the floor of your bathroom with newspapers and old clothes to protect the floor from minor or major spills. There are times when waste overflows from the toilet when unclogging but if you have covered the floor; it becomes easy to clean the mess.

* Do not flush your toilet more than once if it is clogged because too much flushing may lead to overflowing.

* It is always good to allow as much fresh air into the toilet area as possible. This is because there may be foul smell coming from the toilet as you unclog it.

This method is only good for minor clogs so talk to a plumber if your toilet is experiencing major clogs. Canford Drains has experienced and skilled plumbers available when you need them. Contact them if you have blocked toilets in Bournemouth today. Visit site for more details.