How to go about hiring a skip

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Those who have never hired a skip before might find the prospect a little daunting. If you speak to any business that specialises in skip hire in Henley-on-Thames, they will quickly be able to put your mind at rest. There are legal requirements if you want the skip to be parked in a road, and a permit is required. However, the company is usually happy to arrange this for you, and this can be completed fairly quickly. Nonetheless, if you’re not able to accommodate the skip on your property, you will need to speak to the hiring company well in advance so that the paperwork is completed timeously.

Other considerations when hiring a skip

Most hiring companies can deliver to you promptly, and will pick up a full skip with a day’s notice. If you are involved in a big job and are generating a lot of debris, you will need to liaise with the hiring company to ensure that the full skip is fetched and the empty one delivered according to an agreed schedule. What you don’t want, especially when you have contractors on site, is for work to be delayed because you can’t dispose of the waste that is being produced. You also need to consider your neighbours, so can’t allow rubble or waste to build up either in your driveway or on the pavement.

For very large jobs, it is possible to arrange ‘roll on and roll off’ skips, which literally do what is described. These bins are ideal for bulk and they are transported by a roll-on-roll-off truck. The bins usually have cast iron wheels at the end, and this means that they can easily be rolled off the truck and moved into place. Some of these skips also have doors that can be locked, depending on the value of the waste that is generated.

Other factors to consider

Apart from the volume of the skip required, you would also need to compare prices of the various skips. It stands to reason that if the company is local, it will cost less to transport the skip to and from your property. Always check when a rate is quoted that this includes the entire process of delivery and collection. You might decide on a certain company because their rates are very reasonable, only to discover that they charge extra to pick up the skip and dispose of the waste. If this is the case, enquire as to the cost of this disposal, which is often calculated on the weight of the waste rather than on the volume.

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