How to Find a Recommended Removals Leicestershire Company

by | May 22, 2014 | Business & Industrial, Moving & Transportation

Moving home? If so, why not lighten the load by hiring companies that offer removals in Leicestershire? With professional assistance you can get all of your belongings transported from your current residence to a new property with minimal fuss. These services are popular among people who lead a busy lifestyle, don’t have access to a vehicle, or require removals for large loads. If you are thinking about hiring a man with a van, it’s best to focus on the qualities that make a reliable removal service provider.

Get Recommendations from Friends and Family

Start off by asking friends, family or anyone you know and trust to provide you with recommendations for a suitable company. Many Leicestershire removal providers will run their business through word of mouth advertising; therefore this is a good place to begin. It is also a good idea to use the Internet to read customer testimonials and reviews, as this will give you a good insight into the types of services they offer and the value for money. Do they offer in-person estimates? This is essential to ensure you don’t end up breaking the budget.

Perform a Background Check

The World Wide Web is a powerful tool and with Internet accessible from pretty much anywhere around the world, this is a good time-saver for people seeking out help for removals in Leicestershire. Create a list of recommended movers and visit the Better Business Bureau website.  If the moving company is a member, great! The information you find online should detail any history of consumer complaints, so that you know whom to steer clear of. If the company is not listed on the BBB website, give them a call to ensure the movers maintain relevant experience, licenses and insurance, if necessary.

Get a Written Copy of the Inventory List

If you have set a date to move, you really have no time to lose and to avoid wasting time, it’s imperative that you ask for a written copy of the inventory list. This list will detail everything that is being moved, from large pieces of furniture like desks and cupboards, to small belongings like ornaments and wall decor. A trusted company offering removals in Leicestershire will also give you a signed order for service. This signed document confirms the minor dates and details, which prevents potential predicaments and confusions from arising mid-move.

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