Home Cooking With an Aga Stove: Tips and Ideas

by | Jul 19, 2014 | Home Improvement

An aga stove is a stove that stores in heat to cook things such as casserole dishes and desserts. Aga stoves are very unique looking and are generally found in a lot of high renowned chefs’ kitchens. Be this as it may anyone can own an aga stove. They look great in your house and work great as an oven. Retaining heat like they do, aga ovens are also a great oven to keep things warm during parties or while making big meals. The things that you can make with an aga stove are endless, it works just like any conventional oven it just cooks in a way some would consider better and also think it enhances the quality of the food they are making.

Making a Beef and Orange Casserole in an Aga Oven

There are a wide variety of recipes you can make with an aga stove. One of many recipes to be considered is the beef and orange casserole. This delicious dish is rather easy to make, here is a recipe but do not forget to add your own touches to make the recipe your own

Ingredients: Use your favorite oil, cut of steak, chopped onions, crushed garlic, wholemeal flower, beef stock, grated zest and juice, tomato puree, brandy, black pepper and mushrooms. Also orange wedges makes a great garnish for this dish

Instructions: Heat 2 table spoons of oil in a pan and let your steak cook in there until it is browned to your liking. Put the meat to the side and add in the garlic and onions. Let these fry for 2-3 minutes then add the flower and let sit for another minute or so. Slowly cook your meal while adding in the stock, zest, tomato puree and brandy and stirring it in. Once everything is in add the black pepper and let cook with the lid on for about five minutes. Put your dish into the simmering aga oven for 2 hours, throw in your mushrooms than put back in for about a half hour.

This recipe and many more will be a delicious thing to make in your new aga stove.

Buying Reconditioned Aga Stoves

Some may be interested in an aga stove but simply not be able to afford it. For a cheaper alternative you should look into reconditioned aga stoves. Reconditioned aga stoves are stoves that have been damaged but restored to be just as good as they were before.

Interested in buying an aga stove? website has information on some of the finest reconditioned aga stoves.

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