Secondary glazing is a cost effective way of achieving maximum glazing benefits especially if you do not want to replace your current windows. Sometimes, the secondary glazing in Edinburgh is installed without using frames. It is not surprising to see the rate at which frameless secondary glazing windows are growing in popularity. They create a unified flow between the interior and exterior as they increase the airlines in your home. Frameless secondary glazing also increases the feeling of space in your premises while adding a sense of style.


Secondary glazing is strong as toughened glass is used during installation. The glass is several times stronger than ordinary glass and so it is not easy for intruders to break. If you chose to use the frameless secondary windows; you will incur low maintenance costs. The windows can be cleaned using a cloth and a glass cleaner.

Endless Benefits

Secondary glazing helps to reduce the noise in your home. They cut down on heat loss during cold seasons and help in maintaining the heat in your family during winter. The glazing keeps out ingress, draught, rattles and vibrations, dust, pollen, and other pollutants. This is because the glazing provides tight seals which keep you home safe for everyone.

Attractive and stylish

Since the glazing does not have bulky frames, they provide a sophisticated and sleek look for your home. The windows bring tranquility and warmth in your home. They complement the design of your current windows through their Polished and Edge Safety windows. Since you do not have to replace the existing windows, they are ideal in places where double glazing is prohibited. Secondary glazing is not a new project so you do not need to seek approvals from relevant authorities. This makes the process stress-free and very easy.