If you like to follow interior design trends you will know that vintage is in. Merging old with new is a great way of creating a focal point and giving a home that cosy feel. Whereas a modern range cooker is a popular choice nowadays, traditional reconditioned Aga cookers are a great alternative. These cookers operate with a continuous burning source, despite being quite low-intensity. Built with cast iron components and a sturdy frame, the unique cooking process could help food maintain moisture and nutrients.

Solid Fuel, Oil or Gas?

There are three main power sources chosen for reconditioned Aga cookers – solid fuel, oil and gas. The great thing about Aga cookers is that the goodness of food is preserved thanks to the way in which the heat source, insulated covers and boiling plate work. A rather economic choice, you can expect delicious food no matter what fuel source you opt for. If you wish to save money, oil or gas may be better choices than solid fuel. To get the most from your renovated cooker, get it cleaned and serviced regularly.

Choosing a Model

Most first-time buyers of reconditioned Aga cookers are unaware of the fact that there are various models on the market. When choosing a model, consider your budget, the size of your kitchen and your personal preferences. Aga cookers are available in a rainbow of colors, from elegant rose to summery lemon. Some models are designed with dials which when turned, will turn the hotplates off but keep the oven on. The easiest way to choose a model is to write down desired features, before visiting a retailer and asking them to match your preferences to a product.

Preparing Your Kitchen

Once you have chosen a cooker you can start preparing the kitchen. Whether you have a large cooking space with a built-in breakfast bar or small kitchen with minimal room to work with, taking measurements is essential. The shop you visit for reconditioned Aga cookers will likely tell you what preparations you ought to make ahead of the installation after surveying the home. Remember that while new might be appealing, reconditioned is a worthwhile choice because so long as it is properly looked after, it could stand the test of time and add charm to the kitchen.

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