Getting a Quote for Roofing Services in Reading – What Affects Price?

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Having a budget doesn’t mean you can’t enhance the home with a pitched or flat roof. A lot of companies that specialise in roofing services in Reading will provide their services for an affordable fee, depending on a number of factors. If the job is being completed with a wide range of roofing components, the price is likely to increase. The complexity of the roof, extra details and roof size will also impact price. Consider the following variables if you want quality workmanship for a reasonable price.

The Roof Style

Before you can calculate the cost of roofing services in Reading you need to first decide on a style. Will it be pitched or flat? A pitched roof will likely cost more, because it will require more labour hours and materials, whereas a flat roof will be easier and quicker to install. Despite this, pitched roofing will likely increase property value more and could last longer, therefore if you want to get a good return on investment in the long-run, consider going for a roof with a slope. Some roofing features that a professional roofer will charge more for include bonding gutters, mono-ridges, extensions and chimneys. Prices will creep up if fibreglass, single ply, concrete, metal sheets and natural slates are applied, too.

The Roof Material

Choose your roofing material wisely, because will affect the roof’s longevity. The surface will be exposed to harsh weather, so you ought to think about aesthetics and durability before making a decision. The cost of roofing services in Reading is affected by the material and it’s important to remember that some roofs are self-supporting, whereas some will need to be coated for added strength. You could buy materials from the roofer or a supplier. Common materials include plain tile, shingles and slate. Hazardous materials, like asbestos, will result in the price going up.

The Property Size

Roof measurements will be taken by the person providing roofing services in Reading, so that cost can be calculated precisely. Measurements are normally taken based on square metre and the larger the property, the more you will pay. Think long and hard about whether you want insulation, ventilation and underlay roofing services, because more labour and workmanship will be required for these jobs, therefore you can expect to pay much more.

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