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by | May 3, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

It may be hard to believe but no matter how awful your dry rot is, dry rot repair in Glasgow is an option when you have an experienced team that can help. Depending on the area of the dry rot and how much space it encompasses there are solutions that will help to repair the rot and give you a finish that you will love. Of course the proper repair relies heavily on the skill level of the person that is doing the repairs.

What is Dry Rot?

The name makes it sound like it is not caused by moisture but it is. It is a fungus that eats through the timber in your house. It is caused by dampness, like if you have a leak you are not aware of or if you there is improper ventilation moisture and dampness can build up and effect the wood and other materials in your home.

How Do You Know If You Have an Issue?

In some cases the problem is very obvious. You can see crumbling wood or touch the wood and it will crumble. In other cases you may not see it but you can smell it. The smell of musty, mushroom or earthy scent will permeate through the house. In other cases you may notice the fungus growing. In all cases you want to do something about it. It will spread and affect other areas of the home.

The right service can help to unveil the problems and give you options for repairing the rot so it does not spread and cause problems. Click here to learn more.

Some Options

A skilled repair person will have the options that you need to get rid of the rot and get your property back in shape. Some of the options are:

1. Creating a form and rebuilding the area

2. Replacing affected timbers

3. Dealing with the source

The right service will have the options that make sense that will put an end once and for all to the issue.

Complete Treatments

The goal when you are having issues with this type of situation is to have a complete treatment that will ensure no further growth and problems. In many instances if the entire situation is not treated you will have continued problems. It is very important to get some expert assistance with the process to ensure that you get the best possible results.

Richardson & Starling has the expertise that you need for dry rot repair in Glasgow! Call today for a quote and get your property back in shape!

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