Garage Services in Portsmouth – The Importance of Getting a Regular Car Service

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Automobile

Vehicles are built to stand the test of time, but unless you take the time to maintain yours, you can expect to be making frequent trips to the garage! Poor tread depth, low oil levels, exhaust leaks – these are just a few reasons why you may need to pay for garage services in Portsmouth. By taking your vehicle to a professional for a thorough inspection once or twice a year, you can avoid costly repairs. What’s more, frequent servicing will improve the efficiency of the car, meaning you can get peace of mind in the knowledge that you are reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet.

Thorough Inspection

During a service, the mechanic will perform a thorough inspection of the entire vehicle to make sure there are no underlying problems. These garage services in Portsmouth will include an oil and oil filter change, an air filter change, hinge lubrication and fluid level checking. If the spark plugs need replacing the mechanic will do this, before performing basic safety checks on vital components, such as the steering suspension, ball joints and seat belts. All of these things are normally examined during an MOT test too, so you can expect the vehicle to pass with flying colours if you maintain it properly.

Increases the Vehicle’s Lifespan

Unexpected breakdowns can disrupt your schedule, particularly if you don’t have breakdown cover. Failure to get your car serviced could result in a mechanical failure and if this is not dealt with, you may be faced with no other choice than to replace the car. A car will last for many years if it is serviced frequently, and these inspections will also make the vehicle more reliable, eco-friendly and cheaper to run.

Improves Safety

Ideally, you ought to pay for garage services in Portsmouth every 12 months, or after every 12,000 miles. While the safety check might seem simple, it could save your life. It is illegal for a car that is not roadworthy to be driven on public roads according to the Road Traffic Act. With scheduled maintenance, you will be told by the mechanic when certain parts need fixing or replacing due to wear and tear. This will ensure the safety of you, your passengers and other vehicle users.

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