Why is GPS Navigation So Useful with Prestige Car Hire in the UK?

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Automobile

It’s not all that often that you will see people reading a map to find their way around the city nowadays, what with the introduction of GPS technology. When a vehicle is fitted with a GPS-tracking system, you can easily find your way from A to B. Not only does this innovative technology ease the process of tracking down particular addresses but also, it assists the driver in finding the shortest route and avoiding those annoying traffic jams. Before you visit a company for prestige car hire in the UK, let’s find out more about this essential feature, shall we?

Does GPS Tracking Use the Internet?

For the GPS navigation system to determine precisely what your location is, at what speed you are moving and in what direction you are facing (North, South, East or West), it will need to connect to the Internet. Don’t worry about paying extra for Internet, because an in-car connection will be available with prestige car hire in the UK. In some cases it may not be powered by the web and instead, it will function with a satellite modem, cellular connectivity or the radio.

How Does GPS Navigation Tell the Driver Where to Go?

There is a reason why GPS navigation was invented – to provide the driver with the coordinates of their location and detailed directions to their preferred destination, minus the hassle. The system will not distract the motorist from looking at the road ahead quite like a normal map might, because the navigation system will either use voice navigation or on-screen navigation. Should the car you drive have an on-screen device with real-time data installed, the screen will be mounted on the dashboard for easy viewing. This data tracking software will be installed in the vehicle you rent with prestige car hire in the UK, so you can embark on a road trip to pretty much anywhere you please. Visit

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