Flat Roofs in Derby – Modified Bitumen or Rubber Membrane?

by | Mar 9, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Changing climates can damage the foundation of a property unless a roof is maintained properly. With flat roofs in Derby you can guarantee that your home will be protected. Before you get yours fitted by a roofer with relevant experience, it’s important that you know which type of material is best for your property. A house is a sizeable investment and in order to protect your assets, it’s worth discussing your options with a professional roofing contractor. The following two materials are recommended to increase the lifespan of your roof.

Modified Bitumen

A lot of people will opt for modified bitumen when getting flat roofs in Derby installed on their property. The reason for this is because the price is reasonable, installation is relatively straightforward and the single-ply rolled roof acts as a barrier against cold weather conditions, such as water, rain, snow and ice. It is not ideal for occupied buildings, but the fact that it is a peel-and-stick form of flat roofing means that homeowners can fit it without assistance from an expert.

Rubber Membrane

Most flat roofs in Derby will be covered with a rubber membrane, because this material acts as a great form of protection from decking deterioration. You may have heard it being called by its scientific name – ethylene propylene diene monome. Abbreviated to EPDM, rubber membrane flat roofing is lightweight and if you don’t have the funds to get it fitted professionally, it is simple enough to apply yourself! Although homeowner-friendly and scuff-resistant, leaks are a common problem and can be hard to detect sometimes.


If the above options aren’t for you, choose a built-up-roof. These types of flat roofs in Derby are also known as BUR roofs. A combination of gravel and hot tar is used to make a built-up-roof, which is resistant to fire and is perhaps the most low-cost option of all the roof varieties. Although strong, BUR flat roofs prove to be very heavy, meaning that you are likely to pay more for installation. Nonetheless, they can be coated with a fiberglass membrane. A fiberglass membrane is a waterproof type of fabric which is perfect for cold application. It has a high-tensile construction and the design is flexible, meaning it can be applied to all types of flat roofs.

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