Five Worthwhile Investments for your Shop

by | Apr 18, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

If you are finding business is doing well and you are considering making some improvements to make shopping a better experience for your customers there are five worthwhile investments you can consider for your shop:

1. Automatic Doors: Fife customers will find automatic doors a welcome addition to your shop. Automatic doors allow customers to come and go easily without worrying about prams, umbrellas and shopping bags they might be balancing. Automatic doors are the perfect welcome for your customers allowing them to get good views into your shop as well as to enter and leave hands free.

2. Security Doors: Depending on your location you can also consider adding security doors to use when not in operation. The benefit of security doors is that they will keep your store safe and secure cutting down on costly damages and theft. You will sleep easier, potentially save money on insurance and also be able to pass on savings to your customers.

3. Online Shopping: Whether you offer full out e-commerce on your site, or just allow customers to browse your products and prices, having an online presence will enhance your customer’s shopping experience. A website can be the best way to find new customers and will keep you in the running when people are looking for what you sell close to home.

4. Easier Payments: There are still many shops that are cash only or take limited credit. Most people do not shop with this expectation and therefore ensuring you are as up to date as possible on your payment options will make shopping at your store easier. Regular customers will know you are cash only, but new customers will not which could lead to lost sales. Offering a number of payment options will accommodate more customers and increase potential sales.

5. POS System: In hand with your new forms of payment look into a POS system. There are so many affordable options today that you can even take payment from a smart phone. You will be increasing your ability to keep more accurate inventory, improving customer service and increasing the speed you can ring through customers.

These are just five easy steps you can take to improve your customer experience.

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