Features of High Tech Integrated Security Systems

by | Aug 5, 2014 | Securities

Integrated security systems in Portsmouth are at the cutting edge of security technology. The days of buildings relying on one or two security guards have long gone. Nowadays security is controlled from a room that is secure and there is a number of back up computers both externally and off site. The one thing that you should remember is that the system is integrated and this means that the security features will relay information constantly to each other in order to evaluate and assess the information and detect any threats.

Physical security information management is often referred to as PSIM and this system is used to control many of the security systems. This management system operates as the brains behind the system and it has features that are independent of the alarms and collates the information in order to analyse and identify any risks. The management software will run the alarm system to a certain level and this means that the facilities and businesses are able to reduce the amount of security staff that they have.

As the security systems advance the ability required to tamper with them and the technology required also improves. One of the best features for the integrated systems is the ability for the system to be controlled remotely and allows the information to be analysed in the computers in the security room are tampered with. Remote access means that people that have been trusted with the information can control the system from a computer. The remote access to the alarm system is very important when it comes to high-risk threats or deliberate threats and in the cases where people have the ability to disable the computers.

Bio-metric technology when used in conjunction with security will refer to fingerprint or the retina style security. Security systems are gradually moving away from the locks that require access cards and pass codes. Not relying on cards and codes means that only authorised people can get access to the system and the information will not need to be changed too often.

The lock down of security systems in Portsmouth is a very important feature for a lot of buildings. In the occurrence of contamination or a breach of high level security the ability to have a shut down will be very important in order to capture the perpetrator or to make sure that the risk will not spread. Motion sensors can be a very important feature when it comes to perimeters. The motion sensors are able to detect any disturbance within the area.

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