Whether you’re looking to furnish a new home or are replacing old furniture, you can find tasteful and elegant bespoke furniture in Dorset at Squirrels Interiors. Every home should be a haven for those who live in it, and one of the things that makes that inviting and warm environment is the furniture; especially the dining room furniture.

The dining room happens to be one of the favourite places in the house for most people; and this is for good reason. Many memories are shared here. Conversations on the day are shared here and meals are shared here too. It is the place for family to be together and there is no price attached to that. Therefore, if you are looking to get a new dining set, here are a few things that should be on your check-list:

* Shape of the table – There are various shapes to choose from; oval, round or rectangular. It all depends on the size of your household or how many people you wish to have at the table. As a rule of thumb, rectangular-shaped tables are preferable for more than six people.

* Measurement – It is vital that you choose a table that will fit in your dining room without completely usurping the entire space. Therefore, ensure you measure the space you require for the table and order a table that fits that space.

* Durability – Furniture that has to be repaired or replaced every other Christmas is not ideal or cost effective. Hence, it is important to choose material for your dining table that will weather the seasons a bit longer, such as hard wood.

* Style and Taste – Every house says something about its owner, and it is no different for a dining table. It is therefore important to understand your preferred style if it be modern, or classic, or rustic.

We understand your need is not just about tables, so we offer a range of interior design services to meet your needs. Visit here for more information.