Ensuring Successful Central Heating in Aberdeen

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Plumbing

If you live in Aberdeen, central heating during winter is more of a necessity than a luxury, even if global warming is currently providing balmier temperatures. There are two different scenarios to consider with central heating – either you have an existing system that isn’t as effective as you would like it to be and thus would like to modernize, or you are building a new home and wish to find the right system to install. Most people would like to have systems that are cost effective and it is often recommended that a boiler be replaced if it is older than fifteen years. This is because new boilers use updated technology and are required to have a 90% or higher efficiency, which will be more economical. In both situations you would need to consult with a professional who represents a company that has a track record of advising, installing and maintaining these systems.

Choosing an Aberdeen company for your central heating

Heating engineers have experience in evaluating the size of the home that needs heating and then designing the layout of radiators or ducting required. It is particularly useful if the company you work with has reputable plumbing services as then the engineers and plumbers can work together in installing the system according to the engineer’s design. Choosing a local Aberdeen company for your central heating is advisable as all systems need to be maintained and it’s always more practical if the company that keeps your system functioning is familiar with your equipment. Also, should you have a breakdown and be without hot water and heating during winter, you will want this emergency situation attended to as quickly as possible. Having a local supplier will mean a more rapid response to your call. Some companies offer you special deals whereby they will install and maintain your boilers for a reduced rate and are available 24/7 throughout the year. As being without heat can be a crisis when temperatures are freezing, you would want to partner with a company that is always available. You can click here to get more information.

What system should you choose?

If you’re looking to install a new central heating system, you will begin by deciding what boiler to buy and whether it would be a gas powered system, or one based on oil or liquid petroleum. Many homes in Aberdeen are connected to the national gas grid and thus will decide to have central heating systems operated by gas. If you are building a new home and are not connected, it is possible, although expensive, to get connected. The cost of gas has recently been decreasing; so many people are quite keen to use these systems, which operate extremely effectively. If you have chosen a reputable company to work with they will have installers who are registered with Gas Safe. This is required by law and their work is usually guaranteed.

CAS Duncan can design and install your central heating in Aberdeen. They are represented in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and will be happy to give you a free quotation.

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