Although you may feel that an overseas move is more or less than same as a domestic move, just that your possessions will be in transit for a longer period, you’ll be mistaken. Actually, even the packing that you do may be different and the type of planning and organisation required will be far more complex. Consider, for a moment that your possessions are going to be crossing a foreign border. This means that every item of your furniture and possessions will need to be properly labelled so that they’ll pass custom inspections.

When you’re moving domestically, you may well empty your kitchen cupboards into boxes, and any leftover jams and marmite, flour and baking powders, will make the trip to be unpacked into your new kitchen. However, perishable goods will not survive a long overseas trip. Also, many food items, even such as flour, may be prohibited as there is legislation in place that governs what may be allowed into a specific country. This is truly when you will need to consult with a professional company that will be able to advise you of potential pitfalls and will be able to guide you to make suitable plans well in advance.

Looking at professional companies handling overseas removals in Devon

A first step would be to consult with a company that already has a lot of experience in moving people internationally. Belonging to professional bodies and being certified is not always essential, but it will give you an indication that the company has been properly trained. Also, it will help you to know that you have recourse is anything goes wrong. There are international mover certifications that can be obtained, and there is also an Overseas Movers Network International (OMNI), which will give you an indication that there is specific expertise that is required.

It’s usually a good idea to have international movers do your packing for you based on the requirements of different companies. When moving domestically, people tend to cram items into boxes from different parts of the house, as they’ll be unpacking soon and will remember where they put things. When your possessions have been in transit, sometimes for months, it’s really important to have well labelled boxes, with different categories where you’ll find similar items together. With an overseas move, you’re charged for container space, so you will need to have packed carefully to make certain that there is maximum efficiency of space usage. You can visit here to get more information.

Door-to-door service

As your possessions will be moving across a border, it’s sometimes necessary for a different removal company to be involved to handle your goods when they reach their destination country. This is usually when your goods have been transported by sea. This can be extremely problematic to arrange if you’re not familiar with the different companies, their charges, and their way of working. A professional local company will be able to handle all this for you, by having approved overseas partners. They will do all the liaison work and will usually be able to provide you with one invoice, so you know exactly what you’re being charged, and what standard of service you can likely expect.

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