Enjoy Freedom and Comfort with Straight or Curved Chair Lifts in Guildford

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Health and Fitness

Do you have trouble getting up and down the stairs in your home? If so, you should think about investing in chair lifts in Guildford. These mechanical devices have been around for many years and as time progresses, technology is improving. They can be installed in any home, and the curved and straight options make them ideal for any type of staircase.

Available to rent or buy for an affordable price, chair lifts in Guildford are a positive addition to any home. Operated with a joystick or button, they offer complete control, even when there’s a power cut! Whether you want one fitted inside or outside, it’s best to learn the differences between straight and curved chair lifts before buying.

Straight Chair Lifts

Perhaps the most popular type of chair lifts in Guildford are straight chair lifts. The tracks that these devices are fitted onto can only move in a straight line. A great way to overcome the challenge of getting up and down the stairs, they can be installed on narrow and wide staircases. Usually, these chair lifts will accommodate weights up to 200 kg, but this differs depending on the manufacturer’s available options.

Curved Chair Lifts

If the stairs in your property have bends or corners, contact a professional for the installation of curved chair lifts. Although slightly more expensive due to the fact they must be custom made, they are designed to suit all kinds of spiral staircases. Not only can you get curved devices fitted inside, but also on the outside of a property, which is ideal if you have a garden with sections of different heights.

Chair Lift Installation

In most cases, the company providing you with chair lifts in Guildford will fit them for you, too. However, it is possible to purchase an installation kit and install them without professional assistance. Although this is a convenient option, it is advisable to ask someone with experience to fit chair lifts for you to make sure the track is secured and the lift fixed to the stairs. Sometimes, hand rails may need to be removed in order to get the job done properly. You can expect the entire process to take no longer than an hour, and the same goes for the process of dismantling a stair lift.

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