Choosing The Right Type of Chairlifts in Guildford

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Health & Fitness

Since the third century BC, people around the world have been using chairlifts as a way of preventing accidents. Now, millions of homeowners around the United Kingdom rely on these electrical devices on a daily basis. Designed to fit onto any staircase, chairlifts in Guildford are safe, motor-powered and efficient. When installed by a professional, chairlifts can stand the test of time, proving them to be a worthwhile investment for the disabled and elderly.

Everyone who uses a stairlift of some sort will have different needs, which is why the majority of companies work with top manufacturers to supply suitable mechanical devices. If you are thinking about exploring the market for chairlifts in Guildford but don’t know which design would best suit your needs, check out the pros and cons of the main types.

Straight and Curved

Most properties are designed with stairs that go straight up, and the installation of straight chairlifts in Guildford is relatively simple. You can expect the process to take no longer than an hour. If the staircase has corners or bends, a curved stairlift would be a better option. To ensure the device fits properly it must be custom-made, meaning the price will likely be more and the installation process will take slightly longer.

Reconditioned Chairlifts

Just like normal chairlifts in Guildford, reconditioned chairlifts will be covered by warranty which means that if anything goes wrong within a certain amount of time, the device can be replaced or repaired free of charge. A more affordable option for people on a budget, the previously used devices are tested to ensure they function properly. When opting for reconditioned stairlifts it’s a good idea to contact a professional for regular servicing, as a way of avoiding problems.

Wheelchair and Through-Floor

Wheelchair chairlifts in Guildford are very common in commercial buildings, but can also be fitted in homes, no matter what their size. So long as the stairs are wide enough, someone who uses a wheelchair on a regular basis can take a seat on what is otherwise known as a platform lift. These work in pretty much the same way as straight and curved stairlifts, and the installation process will involve a rail being fitted to the staircase. Through-floor chairlifts can be installed in large buildings with more than two floors, and offer easy access for wheelchair users.

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