Dishes to Try With Your Reconditioned Aga Cooker

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Home Improvement

A reconditioned Aga cooker is made from refurbished cast iron components and housed within a continuously-burning source within a heavy frame stove. They are an ideal choice for cooks who like roasting, slow cooking, and baking in a stove that consumes less energy and saves time because it does not have to preheat.

Does the type of stove you bake in really matter? Cooks who swear by their Aga cookers argue that regular stoves cannot compete with the convenience and even heat quality that their Aga cooker provides.

The short answer to the question is this: dishes that require even, steady heat come out better with a reconditioned Aga cooker.

The best quiches have a crispy crust, fluffy eggs, and slightly firm filling. The roasting oven in an Aga cooker works particularly well for baking perfect quiches. As an added bonus, you can ensure a perfect quiche crust by par-baking the crust for about 10 minutes before adding the wet ingredients. You can quickly cook most quiches in an Aga cooker for 25–30 minutes.

If you like your biscuits crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside, you can get fantastic results by placing your cooking tray in the baking oven. Most biscuits will be perfect with only 10-15 minutes on the floor of the baking oven. You will notice the difference that even heat brings to the biscuit right away, with your first bite.

A conventional oven can only bake at one specific temperature, and if you have a dish that requires you cook it at different temperatures, one after another, it would be impossible. Use the stove top of your reconditioned Aga cooker to boil your first stew components. After this step, you can transfer it into the baking or simmering oven. You can instantly use any oven on your Aga cooker without having to change any heat settings. Stews also come out richer because of the Aga cooker’s constant, radiant heat; allowing for equal heat distribution throughout the entire dish.

Aga toast is famous, and rightly so. The Aga Toaster leaves its distinctive, trademark waffle pattern on your bread, and this attachment can be used directly on the stove top. Your toast is complete customizable, allowing you to have your toast range from warm and light, to brown and crisp. The attachment also allows you to create toasted sandwiches easily.

Baked Chicken, Turkey, or Poultry
The radiant heat from an Aga cooker ensures that food is cooked evenly. In the roasting oven, for example, you can cook an 11 kg turkey in about three and a half hours. A 1.3 kg chicken can be cooked in the roasting oven and be ready in less than an hour. Radiant heat ensures that the flavor of the poultry is locked in, while also ensuring food safety.

Make Dinner Better with a Reconditioned Aga Cooker
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