Convenient Services by Skip Hire Companies

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Hiring a skip allows you to dispose waste materials efficiently and quickly. Overflowing bins attract bad smell and are a health hazard. Harmful bacteria and germs from the bins can make their way to your home if you do not dispose the waste material well in good time. Wastes from construction sites are a lot and it is a health hazard to everyone in the site. Hire a skip hire company with a good reputation.

Choosing the Right Skip Size

Skip bins are designed to hold varying amount of waste material. You can hire a small skip hire with a capacity of 4 yards or a big one with a 12-yard capacity. If you want a slightly smaller or larger skip, you can get the 6 or 8-yard skip hire capacity. It is important for you to choose the right skip size for peace of mind. Hiring a smaller skip than required is ineffective and will leave you unsorted since it will not clear all the waste products. If you are not sure about the size of skip that you need, talk to a company that deals with skip hire in Henley-on-Thames. Tell them about the waste that you want to dispose so that they can advise on the right skip bin size.

Permits for public storage

Do you have enough space in your home to store the skip bin? If space is an issue for you, do not worry as you can keep the bin on the public land such as streets and pavements. You need a permit from the local authorities if you want to keep the skip on public land. Skip hire companies focus on providing convenient services and for that reason, they can help you apply for the permit. If you need a permit, talk to the skip hire company in advance so that they can plan how to get the permit in good time. For more information, visit

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