There are a wide variety of reasons why residential and commercial properties may desire fencing in Wrexham to be erected around their property, and it is important that the installation process is performed correctly if the fencing is going to be able to perform its function correctly. Most commercial properties erect fencing in order to implement a high level of security at their property, preventing unauthorised people from gaining access to their property without difficulty. While residential property owners do of course have security in mind, often fencing in Wrexham is also due to privacy concerns, and it can often also add aesthetic value to a property. Depending on the reasons why you want fencing at your property, the material and size of the fencing will differ. Many residential property owners enjoy putting up their fencing on their own as it can be pleasing to do the work yourself. However, it is crucially important that the fencing is put up correctly, and there are a number of mistakes that residential property owners can make that can render the fencing obsolete when it comes to security. If you are about to arrange for fencing at your property, continue reading below to learn more about some of the common mistakes that people can commit when installing fencing.

Failing to create adequate foundations

Much of the structure of your fencing will be rooted into the ground, meaning that it will draw its strength from being dug into foundations. If the foundations that you dig are too shallow, your fencing will be far more susceptible to strong winds and intentional damage. Digging foundations that are adequately deep enough gives a high level of stability and strength to your fencing, protecting it in the event of storms.

Using the wrong material

Many commercial organisations will want to have fencing that is primarily concerned with security, meaning that a wooden residential fence is unsuitable. On the contrary, a residential property installing a large steel fence is going too far, and this is something that will cost you a lot of money and also spoil the aesthetic look of your property. Consulting with a fencing company is something that allows you to reach a clearer decision about what type of fence is best for your property.

Choosing the right fencing at your property is important – Morton & Jones are an experienced company offering fencing in Wrexham for residential & commercial properties.