Choosing the Right Type of Storage for Bedrooms in Rotherham

by | Oct 27, 2014 | Home Improvement

It’s easy for clutter to build up inside bedrooms in Rotherham, especially if you share a room with someone else. Dirty clothes strewn across the floor, bed sheets in disarray, accessories pouring out of the drawers – all of these things can leave the bedroom looking unsightly, so why not allocate a space for everything with a storage solution? It doesn’t matter how small or big your boudoir is, because the following storage options are ideal for restoring a sense of organisation and calm.

Underbed Storage

A roll-out storage chest is a good option if your bed doesn’t have a frame, because it can be concealed beneath the bed and pulled out with ease. Usually designed with wheels and a lid, this type of storage is a fantastic space-saving solution. If you don’t have room beneath the bed, consider putting a storage box at the end of the bed. A box with a cushioned lid could double up as a chair!

Fitted and Walk-in Wardrobes

Perhaps the best storage solution for bedrooms in Rotherham are fitted and walk-in wardrobes, because they blend into the design of the room and can be customised to suit your needs. You will need quite a lot of spare room to get these wardrobes installed, making them a suitable choice for properties with more than one bedroom. Ideal for unused spaces, they prevent the room from looking cramped and allow for easy organization. Because they are installed from the ceiling to the floor, fitted and walk-in wardrobes offer a great way to take advantage of available space.

Free Standing Wardrobes and Drawers

If you get bored easily and enjoy changing the furniture around in your bedrooms in Rotherham, opt for free standing storage solutions. Why, you ask? Well, free standing storage is not fixed in place, so it can be moved with ease. Wardrobes and drawers of this kind will enhance a space, just like fitted furniture will. Strong, durable and affordable, free standing furniture looks stylish and offers a better scope for change, allowing you to alternate the layout of your room whenever you please. By doing this, you can give your bedroom a new lease of life every couple of month or years, without having to pay for new storage to be installed.

No matter what visions you have for bedrooms in Rotherham, the team at Hometown Designs Ltd can assist with their range of high quality furniture.

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