Choosing Curved Stairlifts for Residential Use

by | May 29, 2017 | Stairlifts

Stairlifts are considered an ideal option in residences for solving the accessibility problems faced by elderly family members and the physically challenged. With the progress in technology, stairlifts featuring advanced technology are available to suit any kind of stairway including straight and curved. By choosing curved stairlifts for residential use, you can successfully resolve the mobility problems involved in climbing spiral or curved stairways in your home without making an alteration to the structure. You can find curved stairlifts in Devon that is offered by a reliable stairlift company.

Advantages of Curved Stairlifts

One of the main advantages of curved stairlifts is that these can be customized to any required shape or size of your stairway. Curved stairlifts are designed in a way that they can be mounted on the inside or outside part of a staircase. When looking at curved stairlifts in Devon, a professional engineer will discuss with you the selection of makes and models they have. They also will inform you of the many features each stairlift has as well as the warranties and installation process. Once you have made your selection an engineer team will install your new curved stairlift for you. After the job is finished they will test the product before allowing you to use it. An engineer will explain to you how the stairlift works so you understand and won’t leave until you are comfortable and know how to use it properly.

The Right Choice Makes a Difference

The right choice makes a difference when purchasing a curved stairlift. This type of product is considered an investment and you want to make sure it lasts you for a long time. It is also why you want to have assistance from engineers that are knowledgeable about the different makes and models of this product. One of the many benefits of purchasing a curved stairlift from a reputable stairlift company is they offer an additional service such as a service contract. This gives you access to free call outs which are unlimited, annual service, and safety check on your curved stairlift. The engineers will do a thoroughly check, lubricate, and clean every system on your stairlift.

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