Check for Flat Roof Damages

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Roofs provide protect to your property as long as they are in good condition. To maintain the roof in a good condition, always attend to any damages that need replacement or repair. There are four places where you should examine your roof to find out if there is need for flat roof repair in Bristol or not;

1. Low lying areas – These areas are known to have water leakage issues. This is because water lies in these areas and lead to corrosion and cracks of the roofing material. Gaps, splits or cracks on the low lying areas appear as rings which seem to be diminishing in size. If you see the rings, that is an indication that the area has a problem and can or it leaks.

2. Source – Inspect your roof to identify areas that are susceptible to leakages. The best time to inspect the roof is when the roof is dry and cool. Look for gaps, cracks, or small holes which can allow water to sip through the roof into your property. If you identify anything alarming, arrange for immediate flat roof repairs in Bristol.

3. Roof seams – This is the place where roof parts in a flat roof are joined together. The linkages joining the roofing parts grow weak with time and can lead to the development of cracks. When the cracks begin to appear, they do not allow water to leak through but with time, water leak to the property. As you look for leaking points on your commercial roof, do not ignore the roof seams.

4. Hose method – This is one of the surest way to identify leakages on your flat roof. Use a hose pipe with water to spray different parts of the roof to see if there are leakages. Spray the water for about 15 minutes on one area without interrupting it. Note all the areas where water went through and inform the roofing repairs expert when they arrive.

Looking for leaks before it rains gives you a peace of mind when it starts to rain for you know your roof is in good condition. Do you want this peace of mind? Call our experts at Aquagard Roofing for professional diagnosis of defective roofing areas.

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