Caravan Sales in Maidstone – The Benefits of Being a Caravan Owner

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Automobile

The stresses of daily life can take their toll and if you find yourself wanting to book a last-minute holiday all too often, you should think about buying a caravan instead. A motorhome can be used for leisure throughout the year, because it can cover long distances and can be parked up when you reach your destination. From fun family holidays to breaks beside the seaside, the investment you make when attending caravan sales in Maidstone will be more than worth it. If you’re on the fence, discover some other reasons why joining the caravan club is a good idea.

Adaptable and Versatile

A caravan can be used for many things, such as road trips with friends and family, a rest room, a changing room, or even a personal snack bar! Ideal for use throughout the seasons, a caravan can be purchased with a range of extras, such as an awning. An awning offers shade and extra living space, making it a versatile choice. Towing a trailer is a good idea if you want to hitch up and head off from home in a matter of minutes. Most caravans can be fitted with cooking appliances too, such as a hob and fridge, so you can cook on the move. There are even adaptations available for people with disabilities!

Caravan Types

Just like there are many types of cars to choose from, you can browse a wide range of caravan styles when visiting a dealer. Available in all shapes and sizes, they are more than just a box on wheels. The conventional caravan is the most popular choice and usually features a kitchen area equipped with the necessities. Twin axle caravans are easy to tow and very stable, however you may have trouble manoeuvring them unless you are a very experienced driver. If you require more standing headroom, opt for pop top caravans, which are favoured for being fuel efficient.

Caravan Manufacturers

Once you have decided what type of caravan you want, you should start researching manufacturers. Some well-known UK manufacturers of the conventional caravan are Lunar, Swift Group and Coachman, whereas the best twin axle caravan manufacturers are Elddis and Bailey. Eriba is a European manufacturer of pop top caravans, and this manufacturer also makes folding caravans, which are good for towing.

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