When you are getting new windows or glass doors and glass panels installed in your home or business, there are many options available to you. There is a glass out there for every need, you just need to know what glass is best for each need and what best fits your specific wants and needs of your home or business. For the best glass in Guildford, we recommend these popular options that are great for residential or commercial use:


Also known as mirror glass, this type of glass pane has a reflecting layer that acts like a mirror and reflects the majority of the sun’s heat and UV rays, thus keeping the air indoors a comfortable temperature.

Energy Efficient

These glass panels are made to be more insulated and help to slow down the transfer of air from the indoors to the outdoors and vice versa; it helps reduce energy waste and lowers electric bills each month.


Glazed glass is another name for double pane, these are made from regular clear glass and consist of two panes of glass with an empty air space between which helps add an extra layer of insulation to the glass.

Shatter Proof

The final glass type that is common for homes and businesses today is shatter proof; this glass has been coated with a special clear film for visibility but keeps broken glass shards together when the glass breaks.

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