Are Your Boilers in Aberdeen on the Blink? Be Aware of the Main Causes of Problems

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Boilers in Aberdeen are essential household appliances that run on oil, gas or fuel. They are an integral component in the heating system, because they are comprised of a furnace that generates heat and the boiler proper, where water is turned into steam. The fuel’s rate of combustion will affect how much steam is generated and the air supply. No matter whether you own commonfire-tube boilers or water-tube boilers, maintenance is essential to ward off problems. Improper installation, poor maintenance, and general wear and tear can cause the following issues, which should be dealt with by a professional.

Boiler Turns Itself Off
If the water pressure in your plumbing system is low, boilers in Aberdeen may turn themselves off without warning. By getting in touch with your local water supplier, you can find out if any issues are currently going on in the area to affect water pressure. Other causes of the boiler turning itself off could be frozen condensate pipes, air in the system, fuel problems or a thermostat malfunction.

Whistling and Rumbling Noises
Always listen out for noises from boilers in Aberdeen, particularly if your energy bills have increased lately, because this is a sign that the device is working harder than it needs to due to kettling. This is the term used to describe a build-up of limescale, which can coat and erode components, resulting in costly repairs or replacements. If limescale is present in the boiler’s heat exchanger, rumbling, banging, whistling or gurgling noises may be noticeable. Although limescale is usually the cause, air in the system is another possible explanation. The best way to find the root of the problem is to hire a professional plumber for an inspection.

Problems with the Thermostat
Are you struggling with no hot water or heat in the home? If so, the boiler might need maintaining by a qualified plumber. Heat loss is normally caused by thermostat issues, which can develop as a result of a failure with the valves, drops in water level or faulty diaphraghms. It might be time to call an engineer if the boiler fails to meet a certain temperature, or if it is not turning on at the right time.

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