Drain CCTV inspection is also known a pipe inspection or CCTV survey. If you are in the Bristol area and are looking for a drain CCTV Survey, there will be no shortage of companies that can provide this service.

As it is a complex task it is important that you choose a company with the right tools and equipment.

As the equipment necessary is quite easy to come by, Drainage Engineers must be trained to a high standard. This should include a Construction Skills Certificate Scheme Card (CSCSC), a New Roads and Street Works Certificate (NRASW), preferably at Operative or Supervisor level, and a Pipe Sewer Condition Classification qualification (OS.20X).

There are many places in or around Bristol that offer the courses necessary to operate drain CCTV survey equipment. It should be easy enough to find a company that employs engineers with these qualifications. Don’t be afraid to ask.

The company that you use should have a good selection of equipment. This should include a push rod system, with a mini cam attached to the end of it. The mini cam is a tiny camera, and should have the ability to shoot high quality video and stills, with zoom function. This would ideally connect to a Wincan system or similar system – a computer and software package that processes the material and generates reports, which include mapping and imagery. You should always ask to see these reports.

The camera should be fitted to a rod, normally made of glass fiber, to push through the pipes, and also have a rope system, which can pull the camera between manholes. It is also important that they have a crawler inspection system which is where the camera is attached to a device fitted with small wheels, in order to steer past debris and junctions, offsets and inverts.

Finally, the equipment itself should be fitted with tools to clear the drain – so that this can be done at the same time as the inspection is carried out, depending on the circumstances.

All of this equipment should be able to navigate pipe sizes between two and nine inches. This is very important as some of the equipment’s capabilities start at four inches and your pipes may be smaller than this.

Good and reputable companies in Bristol that offer drain CCTV surveys should easily be able to meet all of these criteria, and can be found in so make sure that all the boxes are ticked, and your drains will be inspected and cleared safely and competently.

There are many factors to consider when looking for drain CCTV surveys in Bristol. Total Drainage Services meet all of the necessary requirements and can be contacted via website.