Your Vehicle Deserves the Best Treatment in Garage Services

by | Oct 29, 2015 | Automotive

Everybody that owns a vehicle is proud of it no matter what the condition and make of their car. It is important to be able to get to one of the best garage service centres, in order for a mechanic to look after your vehicle and ensure that it remains in working condition for a long period of time. Therefore it is necessary to find a garage service centre that provides you with optimum services. All garage services in Petersfield are done by experienced mechanics that strive to do their job in a timely manner. So this way you can get in and out of the garage in no time and have a vehicle that has been properly repaired.

A Team of Employees Who are Dedicated to Their Work

A garage service centre that has competitive prices and great service is one to select. Whether you need a particular service done to your vehicle or a set of tires, their mechanics are honest and reliable for all of your vehicle needs. A garage service centre that is 100% committed to customer retention and satisfaction. Through their dedication of selling integrity and honesty, fitting quality parts and providing outstanding service to each customer that ensures their customers are satisfied completely. Their mechanics are motivated to make available to you high standards of professional service. Visit here to get more information.

Some of the Services Offered

* Air Conditioning – service and installation of air conditioning on some vehicle models and repairs.

* Exhausts – inventory of over than 4000 exhausts, cat front pipes and catalytic converters that enables them to fit almost any vehicle

* Shock absorbers and suspension – they provide Monroe shock absorbers for some vehicles as well as shocks, air suspension and struts

* Tyres – A wide range to choose from that they stand behind including name brand

* Batteries- offers to install and service batteries for vehicles, caravans and boats

* MOT testing provided

* Wheel alignment and balancing – extends the lifespan of your tires and provides a smooth ride when traveling

* Servicing – a 45 point annual service check for wipers, brakes, tires, engines, steering and much more

Have Peace of Mind When You Visit a Garage Service Centre

When you go to a garage service centre you do not want to worry about anything. That is why most people will choose a place that has years under their belt and offers high quality services among so much more. A nice, friendly and clean waiting area is a bonus for any customer while they are waiting for their vehicle to be repaired, while you are there enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee that is free.

Portsmouth Exhaust and Tyre Services have a variety of garage services in Petersfield. Visit them online or call and talk with one of their friendly representatives.

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