Why There Is A Need For Senior Panic Alarms

by | May 14, 2015 | Business

Today, there are several ways to help yourself as a senior. You can apply for and receive help from caregiving agencies. They can send a personal support worker (PSW) or Certified Care Giver. These individuals can help you take care of what everyday matters or give your resident caregiver a respite. You can also purchase or arrange to obtain a seniors panic alarm. This is another way to help yourself remains safe.

Do You Need a Seniors Panic Alarm?

A seniors panic alarm is a device that is known as a personal alarm. It is also called an emergency alert system or a personal emergency response system. Whatever name it is given, it exists to satisfy a basic need. It is there to provide you, your family, friends and caregivers with a pace of mind that they might lack without it. You might not think one is of any good to you, but it sure is one way of making relatives, family and friends happier about you living alone.

If you are wondering whether you need a seniors panic alarm system, simply ask yourself the following questions:

* Are you over 60 or 65?
* Do you live by yourself?
* If you live with your spouse, how sound of health is she or he?
* Is your home remote from other residents?
* Do you live in an impersonal apartment building?
* Does your home apartment or condo feature stairs of some type or does it require you stand up on something to reach into the cupboards?
* Do you have a bath that is normal or one that has equipment to help you get in and out safely?
* Do you suffer from any health issues that affect your balance?
* Have you fallen inside before and had difficulty righting yourself?
* Is your spouse strong enough to help you get up if you have fallen down?

If you find yourself with a tendency to fall, have issues with balance, are not steady when it comes to the bathing (and the bathroom is a primary place where falls occur); and cannot rely on your spouse to help you get up, you need to consider purchasing and installing a senior alert alarm. If these scenarios do not apply to your situation, consider yourself lucky and buy one anyways for insurance.

The Senior Alert Alarm: A Good Decision

No matter how strong you think you are, accidents do and will happen. Consider a personal alarm system such as SureSafe as a means of preventing something serious from happening. By pushing the panic button, you are not panicking at all. You are taking charge of your life and preventing something more serious helping in and to your life. For more information, visit the website.

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