Some people think that a bed and breakfast is not the right kind of accommodation for a romantic get-away or for a vacation. Nothing could be further from the truth as many B&Bs can match the luxury of traditional hotels. The kind of intimacy that a bed and breakfast offers such as getting to know other guests and the local people is not possible at a hotel. Many B&Bs, even those nestled in the country, now have reliable Wi-Fi connections and other modern amenities. All of this is the making of a great vacation experience.

Why a B&B Beats a Traditional Hotel
Even a 5-star establishment can sometimes feel like a repetitive hotel experience. Few vacation accommodations offer as much variety as a bed and breakfast. Each type is unique in layout, the décor in each room and even the meal choices. You will have a personalized experience in a setting that is pleasant and relaxing. Also, another benefit: while many traditional hotels have both smoking and non-smoking rooms, most bed and breakfast have a no smoking policy.

Is a B&B Right for You?
The answers to some questions will help you to decide if this is right for you. Some of these questions are:

* Do you prefer a smaller accommodation?
* Do you like staying in a place that has the feel of home?
* Are you comfortable with the idea of eating with other guests?
* Is interaction important to you?
* Do you like the idea of getting individual attention?
* Will you be travelling with children?

Tips for Choosing a B&B
There is a wide variety in bed and breakfast options, so pay attention to the location. If you want peace and tranquillity, staying in a rural area is better. However, if access to city amenities is important, then you need a B&B within city limits. Discuss any food allergies with the owner beforehand and keep in mind that most of these accommodations do not accept children. When choosing a B&B, making sure that it meets your expectations is one part of ensuring that you will enjoy your stay.

While escaping from city life can be a motivation to choose a rural bed and breakfast, there are many other great reasons as well. The fresh air and simple life are also benefits. It’s also worth noting that an upscale B&B can cost the same as some traditional hotels.

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