Who Benefits from Having a Personal Alarm?

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Business

While personal alarms are often marketed to the elderly, there is a variety of people who can benefit from the use of a personal alarm. The elderly are the largest population that can benefit from integrating a personal pendant alarm into their daily lives, which is why manufacturers focus on marketing to the older population, but personal caretakers, the chronically ill, and people with developmental disabilities also benefit from the services provided by a personal panic alarm.

Caretakers Can Take Advantage of Personal Alarm Services

If you’re a caretaker for an elderly person or someone with a chronic condition, you know how stressful it can become ensuring that they’re doing alright. If you don’t live with the person you care for, you probably spend a lot of time running back and forth, making phone calls, and spending extra time on the weekends helping them manage their life. With a personal alarm, you can reduce the stress associated with worrying that they need something and aren’t able to get to the phone.

If you have an adult child with developmental disabilities who lives on his or her own, having a personal safety alarm device will benefit your relationship because they can use it should they need help. This allows them to experience the freedom and independence they crave without giving up the security of being able to call for help quickly.

Help for People with Chronic Conditions

Sometimes people with chronic conditions experience a time when their health problems aren’t severe. They may begin to feel good for a while and think that their health is improving. However, a chronic condition can flare up at any time and depending upon what the condition is, it can leave your loved one in a troubling situation where they need help. Using a personal alarm service will ensure that your loved one has access to you or other close family or friends in the event of an emergency.

SureSafe is a leading personal alarm that has multiple uses. While it’s beneficial for the elderly, it also works great to keep people in contact. With no monthly fees, it’s affordable and helps bring a sense of confidence to those that use it.

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