If you’re a homeowner in Rickmansworth, the chances are that you’ll need to employ builders at some point during your time in your home. It might be a small or a large renovation, or it might even be a complete new build. This is when the difficulties begin as you need to choose the right builder to partner with. Choosing the wrong company can be the difference between a pleasant experience and a nightmare of delays and cost over-runs. Actually, retaining the services of a good and reputable builder is not that difficult – you just need to know what questions to ask and what research to conduct.

How to select good builders in Rickmansworth

A good builder will approach a project with excellent planning. They will be able to discuss time-frames with you and will commit to completion dates for various sub-projects rather than just giving you an overall idea of when all the work should be completed. The schedule should be discussed in consultation with you, the client, to ensure that you’re all in agreement with the time-lines and that these are convenient for everyone.

Supervision of a project is another vital aspect to clarify up-front. Ideally, the company you choose should appoint someone to be in charge of the work and that person should be on site every day – or, at the very least, constantly available on the phone and able to be with you very quickly if there’s a problem. If you’re moving out of your home during the renovation you certainly need to know who is in charge of security and who will be taking responsibility for your home on a daily basis. Visit here for more information.

Keeping the rest of your home safe

Another vital point to raise will be how the rest of your home and your possessions will be protected during a renovation. If you don’t want to spend months scouring dust out of every corner of your home for months after the renovation, check on your builders’ dust-containment measures. Ideally, a professional company will cordon off areas of your home and will move furniture out of affected areas or find a way to wrap it so that it remains free of dust. You would be responsible for removing books and ornaments and curtains out of the builder’s way – even paintings on the wall can be dislodged from hammering and drilling. However, you would agree with a good builder as to what would remain and how it would be safe-guarded.

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