What Is Involved in the Laser Cutting Process?

by | Jul 19, 2014 | Business

Are you the owner of a business and want to get a new company sign created? Perhaps you enjoy doing a spot of DIY but need assistance for your latest project? Whatever your reasons for needing laser cutting services, it’s worth learning about the process beforehand. This precise method of cutting is relied on in many industries, and a comprehensive range of machinery is used to undertake the work quickly and accurately. By using a CAD file to guide the material, a great level of cutting detail can be achieved.

Completing the Artwork

If you can draw something, the people completing the laser cutting process should be able to make it. Before a quote is estimated and equipment prepared for the job, you will be required to send your artwork to the industry professional. When a suitable material has been chosen, the artwork will be inspected to confirm its suitability for the machine.

The Laser Head and Tolerance

No matter which company you choose to work with, they will use something called a laser tube for the laser cutting process. Several mirrors will reflect the beam emitted from this tube into the laser head, which is similar in appearance to a periscope. Once all of the light is focused in this area, the cutting or engraving process can commence. The laser beam will target the surface and follow a particular pattern to ensure your desired artwork is replicated. The width and depth of the groove or cut will be dependent on the kerf, which is the cutting instrument.

Configuring Settings and Processing the Job

The laser cutter is designed with something called a machine bed, which will be used to hold the artwork in place during the process. Once configured to cut the artwork, the machine’s Frequency, Power and Speed will be adjusted slightly to match the material. The thicker and more dense the material, the more power will be required, whereas thinner materials can be cut with less power and more speed. Drawing strokes will then be followed by the machine. To prevent the surface from being damaged with heat and burn blemishes, a protective backing will usually be applied to the artwork. When the laser cutter stops, this protective backing can then be peeled off.

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