A pet is a man’s best friend, so when the animal is not well, you are likely to be worried and not at ease. But what is considered an emergency case for your pet? During emergency situations, make sure you call the emergency vet from county Durham: avoid using email or voice-mail. If the emergency happens at night, look for a vet that operates for 24 hours and whose care is beyond doubt. You definitely need your pet to be treated well within a short time. When you call the vet, you will be sure whether it is an emergency case or if it is something that can wait until the normal operations hours.

If your pet is in a bad situation and you do not know how to carry or handle it, talk to the vet about it so that you can feel safe as you take it to the vet. The contact details for your reliable vet should be saved together with your doctors and other emergency phone numbers for easy access.

There are times when it will be obvious that there is an emergency health situation because the signs are so clear. Emergency instances include when the pet;

* Has broken bones

* Suddenly collapse and is unable to wake up

* Is not breathing

* Has diarrhoea and is vomiting for more than 24 hours

* Is in extreme pain and it is shaking, refuse to socialize, and is whining

* Is unconscious

* Is bleeding from the nose, mouth or eyes or you can see traces of blood in the urine

* Has seizures

* Becomes disoriented and begins to bump into things

* Ingests toxic substance

* Strains to urinate especially if it is a male cat

* Has a prolonged labour

When you feel something is wrong with your pet, trust your instincts and contact a vet immediately. You do not want to risk the life of your pet; contact Ashfield Veterinary Surgery in Durham for emergency care for your pet.