What Fire Alarms in Newport Offer

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Alarm System

A fire risk assessment is an important safety procedure that helps protect the business from fire threats. The process works to evaluate the factors that determine the hazards that a business might experience from fire, the likelihood of a fire occurring, and what type of damage would be sustained if one were to occur. A fire risk assessment includes an inspection of the building and looks at things such as evacuation routes, fire suppression system, alarm needs, and the number of employees and customers usually on the premise. A good risk assessment will consider the human factor- how people will respond to an emergency and whether their reaction will make things worse or better and how to plan. If you are looking for the best fire alarms in Newport, then a fire risk assessment is a great place to get started!

What does it cover?

The survey that is conducted during a fire risk assessment generally includes the following areas of fire safety:

* Fire loss- how much damage would be likely to the building and assets in the event of a fire

* Fire hazards- anything within the building that makes fire more likely to be an issue

* Fire prevention- looks at ways to minimize the threat and remove as many risks s possible

* Storage and handling of flammable liquids and gases

* Housekeeping- keeping areas clear of clutter

* Escape Means- finding the best escape routes

* Flammability- checks how flammable building components are

* Fire safety- ensuring warnings, signs, and notices are properly displayed

* Firefighting- detection and fire alarm systems and extinguishing systems and appliances

* Smoke control systems- minimizes the threat of smoke damage

* Maintenance- keeping systems functioning and ensuring all employees are trained correctly

Fire Alarms in Newport

If you are searching for the right fire alarms in Newport or the surrounding areas there is one name you can count on. Dragon Fire & Security Systems Ltd is here to help you with all your fire protection needs! Click here to get more information on Fire alarms.

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