An emergency animal hospital is much different to a typical vet facility. Usually open around the clock, a hospital of this kind will welcome various animal species, including domestic pets and farm animals. To ensure all procedures can be carried out properly, the professional must maintain a veterinary surgeon qualification, as well as a registered veterinary nurse qualification, certificate in Animal Care and some GCSEs. It’s always a good idea to keep the phone number of a local vet on-hand, so that should the unexpected occur, he or she can perform the following services.


Before you visit an emergency vet in Durham to find out what your pet swallowed, what bones were broken during an accident, or what other issues are underlying, make sure the proper digital equipment is installed inside the facility. Radiography for pets can be used on small and large animals. Depending on the severity of the issue, the vet may administer general anaesthesia or some type of sedation, so that he or she does not experience discomfort while the professional identifies the organs and bones.

Essential Vaccinations

There are certain schedules for cats and dogs that a pet owner must be aware of in order to keep pet health at its prime. Just like us humans require vaccinations at a young age and before travelling to different countries, animals must be administered particular vaccines in varying doses. Normally, vaccinations for Distemper, Parvovirus and Rabies will be given from 6-16 weeks of age. However, vaccinations for some more serious life-threatening conditions like Bordatella, Lyme Disease and Leptospirosis will be required more often, especially if your pet lives in a high-risk area. The vet will advise you on recommended vaccines, based on the lifestyle of an animal.

Ultrasound Imaging

Just like an x-ray will give the vet a better look inside your pet’s body, ultrasound imaging will focus on body parts like the liver and kidneys. An emergency vet in Durham will recommend an ultrasound exam if a dog, cat, rabbit or farm animal is expected to give birth in the next few months. Aside from this, ultrasound imaging can be relied on for the detection of chronic infections, cancer staging, weight loss and any changes in urinary habits.

Whether your pet is experiencing health issues or is in pain, an emergency vet in Durham at Ashfield Veterinary Care can assist. To find out what facilities are available, Click here to know more.