The first time you attend a class to learn a new course poses challenges because everything seems new and difficult to understand. The lessons in a flight school takes place within a limited period of time so if you are not careful, you could end up losing a lot in class and taking too much time to catch up with the other students. How can you maximize on each flying lesson in Exeter so that you get the most out of each lesson?

1. Use a training course outline – An outline shows what is expected of you as you progress in class. It shows the skills, experience or knowledge that you should acquire at each stage. An outline is therefore a good guide to track your progress after every lesson. If you are dragging behind, then you can work harder to make sure you catch up with the syllabus.

2. Be a team player – Take time to know other students and instructors at your flight school. In addition, attend forums and seminars organised at the school. Getting to know people in your school will help you feel at ease when in school. The other people will also offer valuable information to you and you will be at ease to ask them questions.

3. Take time to prepare for the lesson in advance – Instructors give you reading assignments after every lesson and study materials. Take time to go through them and noting down any questions you may have. If your next lesson is a flying lesson in Exeter, review each manoeuvre step by step and do an armchair flying.

4. Have a consistent lesson schedule – Make sure you have at least 2 or 3 classes in a week and avoid having long stretches of time between classes. This will ensure that you maintain most of what you learn and you take a shorter time to learn which will make your learning less costly.

We advise our students to prioritise post-flight briefing so that they can know what they need to improve on and what they are doing well in. We aim at creating a conducive environment for our students to learn well. Visit site today at Devon and Somerset Flight Training and see for yourself.