Vets in County Durham – Signs Your Farm Animal Requires Professional Assistance

by | Jan 9, 2015 | Health & Fitness

Working on a farm can be a very challenging, but rewarding job. A lucrative career for most, a farmer will have a lot of responsibilities. A major responsibility includes focusing on the health of the animals. Infections can spread quickly on a site where various animals stay, which can result in economic damage. Even if you disinfect and clean clothes regularly, dispose of protective clothing after use and ban vehicles and equipment during an outbreak, there is still the possibility of illness among livestock. If you are concerned about the health of your farm animals, focus on the following signs of a problem before visiting vets in County Durham.


Most illnesses associated with pigs can be treated with in-feed medication, oral medication, injectable medication or in-water medication. The sooner problems are recognised, the lower the chances of death. Weakness, diarrhoea and skin lesions are just a few warning signs of health complications like coccidiosis, exudative epidermitis and eolibacillosis, otherwise known as E. coli. Vets in County Durham will tell you to improve hygiene on the farm, before giving pigs antibiotics, vitamins and dextrose solutions.


The key to preventing diseases among cattle is controlling stock movement. Some common congenital abnormalities are not treatable, such as Cerebellar Hypoplasia. However, some other common nervous diseases in cattle can be treated with help from vets in County Durham. These diseases and signs include:

  • Brain Abscess – Cows that are seen pushing their heads into a corner or standing with no motion will likely be dealing with a brain abscess, which can be treated with a daily dose of penicillin.
  • Bacterial Meningitis – Weakness, stargazing and a poor sucking reflex are a few signs of bacterial meningitis. A calf with this disease might experience seizures or sensitivity to light and sounds.
  • Middle Ear Infections – When an infection of the eustachian tube occurs, movement, learning and balance will be affected.


Salmonella and avian influenza, otherwise known as bird flu, are two of the most common notifiable diseases. With vaccinations from vets in County Durham, and movement and feed restrictions, problems with poultry can be avoided. Most poultry is raised for meat and producing eggs, therefore maintaining good health is essential to ensure all products are completely safe for human consumption.

The team of vets in County Durham that work at Ashfield Veterinary Care offer farm animal care and treatment.

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