Vaccinations are preventive measures against diseases. Vaccinations in Durham for your dog are strongly recommended to keep your pet healthy and disease free. Scientists have come up with more effective vaccines which provide longer protection and are more specific to the type of infections to be vaccinated against. Vaccines are divided into two groups;

* Core vaccinations like canine distemper, canine adenovirus, canine parvovirus, and rabies.

* Non-core vaccines like Lyme disease, canine influenza, leptospirosis, canine cough complex

Core vaccinations

The core vaccinations are for infections that are easily transmitted and spread. In most cases, the diseases are difficult to treat and so they can easily cause death to your pet. When animal vaccination began, the vaccines were offered every year. The duration for revaccination has since changed to about every three years. Though not all vaccines have been proven to protect the animal for three years, it is advisable that all animals are revaccinated after three years. It largely depends on the type of vaccine as to how frequently you will need to get a “booster”.

Non-core vaccines

All dogs should be vaccinated with the core vaccines. For the non-core vaccines, vets consider;

* Likelihood of exposure

* Severity of the disease

* Risk of exposure to the disease

The vets carry out a risk assessment before administering the inoculations. They look at the regional and local incidence of the disease. If the risk is low, the vet may decide not to administer the vaccine.

Talk to your vet to determine the vaccines that you need for your animal. As for non-core vaccines, your vet will advise you on the vaccines to use after assessing the risk factors. Ashfield Veterinary Surgery in Durham offers vaccinations for your animals and gives you up to date advise on current vaccination trends to keep you and your pet safe and healthy.