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by | May 7, 2014 | Accommodations

People from the United Kingdom, who might want to take a caravanning holiday in Europe, will likely pass through the town of Maidstone in Kent on their way to the Ferry or Channel Tunnel for the Eurostar. The county Kent is home to the bigger part of the M2 motorway that comes out of the Old Kent Road in London and ends at Dover where the Eurostar Channel Tunnel train goes from London to Paris. The Port of Dover is the station where cars can embark into the Eurostar train for the forty or so minute journey to France and from there they can head anywhere in Europe for as long as they wish.

For those who wish to buy a caravan, their first port of call might be to look for a caravan for sale in the Maidstone local paper or online classified advertisements. However, there are plenty of other local sources from which to choose and also to go and view the caravan before they buy or make a final decision.

Types of caravan and Different Model versions

Some of the more basic models of caravan might be more like a one birth sleeping pod inside, with a very small cooking space and hardly anywhere, if anywhere at all, to walk. There is a style of small one-to-two person caravan called a tear drop caravan because of their resemblance to the shape of a tear drop. The more luxurious models will have individual ‘bedrooms’ or sleeping spaces actually cordoned off from the rest of the caravan interior. There will also be a water supply, a small generator for electricity, a TV, a microwave oven a stove top cooker, storage space, and often a shower and toilet too. The neat thing about caravans is that they are rather similar to airplanes when it comes to storage. Everything is kept neatly stowed away and in its own space when not being used and the main reason for that is due to the shifting caused by transportation of the vehicle. Other caravans are a sort of bullet shape and based on the American Airstream version of a travel trailer which has a kind of cult status among many camping fanatical Americans.

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