When the holiday season rolls around, you are going to want to spend it with family and friends. That often means a ton of traveling, which means getting your electrical wheelchairs Bridgwater in and out of airports and in and out of cars. That’s why the holidays are the perfect time to ensure that your wheelchair is in the proper working order by doing the following repairs to maintain it.

Have it Inspected and Cleaned

The first thing you need to do is inspect and clean your electrical wheelchairs in Bridgwater. Even if you don’t use your wheelchair on a regular basis, it’s still going to get dirty. Sticky residue and dust can build up on electrical wheelchairs in Bridgwater, so you need to clean the wheelchair and check for any damage before your holiday begins.

Test the Brakes

Since you use a wheelchair, you know that you need to test the brakes. If there is even the slightest hesitation when you try to stop your wheelchair, you need to take it in for repairs. Failing to get your brakes fixed can lead to very dangerous situations and can even prove fatal.

Check Your Motor

Since electrical wheelchairs are the most popular among wheelchair users, your motor needs to be in good shape at all times. If you notice that the wheelchair isn’t near as powerful as it was in the past, it’s time to take the chair in for an inspection.

These are just a few of the top repairs you should perform on your electric wheelchair during the holiday season. For more information and to take care of all your mobility equipment needs, contact the professionals at Exeter Disability Centre Ltd today. Agents are standing by to assist you.