Tips for Choosing the Right Equine Vet for Emergencies

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Veterinarian

If you have ever owned a horse then you know they tend to get sick or injured when it’s the weekend, a holiday, or even after hours. That is why it’s so important to have a reputable equine emergency vet in Durham on speed dial. Of course, your horse is just like one of your babies, so you want to your emergency vet to be the same on that sees your horse for check-ups and other things. With that in mind, read on below for a few tips for choosing the right equine vet for your beloved horse.

Good Communication

It is extremely important when choosing an equine vet that he understands their needs and what the owner is telling them. Whether it’s as an emergency vet in Durham or just for a check-up, the owner knows their horse and can give great details about how they are acting and what they need. A good equine vet needs to be willing to listen and offer solutions.

Education and Experience

Education and experience are extremely important as well. You want to know that your horse is in good hands. You want to know that the vet you choose has the right education and experience to handle your horse and know what is good for him as well. A vet right out of school may be a great vet, but trusting him with your horse is a different story. Experience and a solid education are a must for such an expensive and well-loved animal.

These are just a couple of the tip for choosing the right equine vet for your horse. From education and experience to good listening skills, you want to know you can trust him for check-ups and emergencies alike. For more information, visit us today.

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