Every month, crime rates are inflating by 500,000 in Wales and England alone. With access control in Southampton this number can be reduced. It’s not just homeowners that would benefit from getting systems installed on their property but also, businesses and large organisations. Not only do these systems manage the flow of people entering a building but also, they protect the members of an organisation. This provides the business owner with peace of mind and keeps their business shielded from potential legal predicaments. Not sure which type of access control would best suit your enterprise? Read on to learn the facts about modern security.

Video Surveillance System

The most popular type of access control in Southampton for a company would be a video surveillance system. One of the major benefits associated with these systems is that they provide clear evidence of break-ins or onsite accidents, therefore claims and legal problems will not be an issue. With advanced technology, it is now easier than ever to detect the presence of a burglar. Wireless CCTV systems and fixed CCTV systems are the two main systems one can choose from.

Intelligent Vehicle Screening Systems

Targeted towards businesses that use large equipment and vehicles, such as lorries, forklifts and planes, intelligent vehicle screening systems are designed with innovative driver screening capabilities. This screen alerts the driver of any obstructions or debris lying in their path. In addition to this, they can be monitored to ensure no suspicious activity is occurring. Aside from tracking objects, the systems are available with 3D Face Recognition, Camera Smoke Detection and Video Forensic Systems. The best way to decide which system suits your organisation is to figure out whether you want to monitor happenings via the web or through a different software platform.

Video Forensic Access Control Systems

Unlike the above types of access control in Southampton, these systems are made to help a business or home owner decide who is granted access to the property. Fitted on a single door inside a building, the system will operate through a multi-site network. If someone tries to enter a restricted area, the person managing the video forensic access control system will be alerted instantly. This eliminates the possibility of a break-in.

You could keep your property secure from thieves if you invest in access control in Southampton from a respected company like Bridger Alarms Limited. Contact them for more details.